Over 75% of the interviews we schedule convert to hires.

Stop wasting time and money posting jobs, reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews, and dealing with no shows.

Industry Recruiter takes the headache out of hospitality recruiting. We source candidates, screen them based on your qualifications and schedule qualified interviews for you. No subscription fees or upfront costs.

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Here are a few amazing hospitality companies we work with.

We can support all hospitality companies from mom & pop restaurants to multi national corporations.

Natalie Duncan

National Program Manager, Talent Acquisition 

Topgolf International

Dallas, Texas

"The team at Industry is great. They communicate regularly and rather promptly, their dedication and integrity is high and they work hard for results. I know of no other company who guarantees a specific number of scheduled interviews, and that is a win. Give them a try"

Step 1

We schedule a call with you to learn the exact details of your job openings.

Step 2

We screen candidates from the Industry community, conduct initial interviews to ensure candidates meet your qualifications and schedule the interview.

Step 3

You interview the candidates and hire. We guarantee candidates will show up for interviews. If they do not show up there is no charge to you.

How It Works

Experience. We verify that candidates have the proper past experience to work for you. We also make sure the experience is relevant. For example, fine dining v.s. fast casual.

Step 1.

Availability. We work with candidates to ensure they have the proper availability to work for you. If they do not have the proper availability then we will not schedule the interview.

Step 2.

Commute. We make sure that candidates understand where your business is and that they have reliable transportation to get to and from work.

Step 3.

How We Qualify Candidates

E-Verify. At your request, we will ask candidates if they are authorized to work in the United States. If they are not, and you are a U.S. Employer, then we will not schedule the interview.

Step 4.

Applicant tracking system & company policy compliance. If your company requires that applicants apply via your company applicant tracking or payroll system, we will make sure the candidate applies via your company portal prior to the interview. 

Step 5.

Chef Richard McGlynn Executive Chef

The Abbey On Butler Street

Pittsburgh, PA

"We hired a few candidates through Industry. The candidates are professional and hard working. When something went wrong with the process, Industry set out to make it right. Industry really knows how to find quality candidates that fit the areas you need!"

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee that the candidates we send to you will meet the qualifications which you outline for us. If they do not, we will not charge you for that interview. No questions asked. 

Show Up Guarantee

We do our best to make sure that candidates show up for interviews. If a candidate no shows to an interview that we schedule then we will not charge you a fee for that interview.

Overall Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our customer service, quality of candidates, or our overall process then we will not charge you for interviews that you are not happy with.

Chef Ricardo Heredia Executive Chef

The Florence

San Diego, CA

"Industry is the most hands-on and professional recruiting team I have used. Time is our most precious commodity in this business and using Industry Recruiter saves you both time and money. Worth every penny."

Heart Of House

Line Cooks

Prep Cook


Sous Chef

Executive Chef

Front Of House







General Managers

Director Of Operations

Hotel Manager


Team Leads

We Can Help You Fill All Hospitality Positions

It's free to have us start recruiting for you. No catch. We only charge if a qualified candidate shows up to interview with you. Interviews for hourly roles are $50 per qualified interview and interviews for salaried roles are $200 per qualified interview.

Option 2: Pay Per Hire Pricing

When you choose our per hire pricing option, we guarantee that the employees you hire through our service will stay employed with you for at least 30 days. We charge 3% of the estimated annual salary of the employee which you hire through us. If they leave your company for any reason within 30 days you get your money back!

Option 1: Per Qualified Interview Pricing

We offer two pricing plans. Both guarantee results.

We have been growing our community of hospitality professionals since 2014. We have members in every single state and are experts in hospitality recruiting. 

Available In All 50 U.S. States

When we schedule interviews with candidates we inform them that if they do not show up to the interview without giving reasonable notice then we will never help them find a job again. They are blacklisted from the community. 



The morning prior to the interview we contact the candidate to remind them of the interview. We require the candidates to respond in order for the interview to be confirmed.

Final Confirmation



The day prior to the interview a member of the Industry team contacts the candidate and reconfirms the interview. We also provide advice on what to wear, where to park, and what to bring.


How We Get Candidates To Show Up

According to the Society For Human Resources Management (SHRM) the average cost per hire in the United States is $4,129

External Recruiting 


Third-party recruitment agency fees

Advertising and marketing expenses (e.x. job boards, social media ads, etc.)

Recruiting events costs (e.x. career fairs, campus recruiting events, etc.)

Travel (for candidate or hiring team)

Contractors (website design, etc.)

Relocation costs.

Internal Recruiting Costs

Recruiting team salaries

Fixed costs such as physical infrastructure (e.x. office rental)

Hardware (e.x. computers, company phones, etc.)

Software (e.x. Applicant Tracking Systems, Microsoft Office, etc.)

Employee referral incentives.

The recruiting process may be more expensive than you think. Considering...

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Disclaimer: We screen candidates for experience, commute, and proper availability. Industry Careers, Inc. does not participate in the hiring decision process and it is at the sole discretion of the hiring party if they wish to hire a candidate. Industry Careers, Inc. accepts no liability for the actions of candidates which are screened through this service. 

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